My Story

Becoming a missionary was not a decision made in haste as I first felt this calling stirring within me when I was a young child listening to the testimonies of my Uncle and Aunt who were missionaries to Africa. Over the years the stirring to serve in this ca;pacity bagan to solidify  within me as I traveled on many short term mission trips including those with my husband before he passed away in 2007. It was on my most recent 3 month mission trip that I felt the confirmation of my decision to finally pursue full time ministry to the people o the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Over the last year God has arranged and aligned the necessary steps to begin pursuing this direction, including the selling of my house within 2 weeks of being on the market which was a great relief and blessing to me. Then, as I briefly mentioned, I interned this lst summer in the Dominican Republic with Global Outreach Ministries,and felt called to serve with G.O.Ministries full time. This was another piece of the puzzle,as they provide the much needed structure and relationships that make it possible to minister to the people in need. You may learn more about this awesome ministry at Also while on this trip my heart becme knit together with the Dominicans and Haitians, and I knew i had found the area for my ministry.

As a retired nurse, I can now see how God has prepared me over the years through my career to take on he positions as a medical team facilitator woring alongside Dr. Canela at the G.O. Medical Clinic in Santiago. We'll take short term medical trips into surrounding villages as well as the Bayte's which is the poorest region of the DR. The health issues are enormous. We will be attending to wounds,diseases, HIV/AIDS,infections of all sorts,parasites,malnutrition,dental work as well as other medical needs.In addition to that, I will fulfill many other much needed roles which include overseeing the kitchen staff and establishing and maintaining the sanitation standards.

The next steps for me in this journey will be heading to Costa Rica January 5th through April 22nd 2011, where I will be studying in a Spanish Language School 5 days a week. For the purpose of accentuaating the learning process, I will be placed with a family that only speaks Spanish and needless to say I covet your prayers during this potentially challenging time. After that, I will be finishing my porcess of securing funds through sponsorships and donations that will enable me to begin my work as a missionary nurse.

Please check out the rest of my blogspot to follow my journey. It is with much circumspection and excitement that I step out in faith to help meet the pain and suffering of the poorest of the poor with quality medical attention and the hope filled, life changing message of Jesus Christ!